I'm one of those people who have super crazy dreams.
It's time to record all of them.

"My cousins own this place with trees growing in it. I don’t know. It’s crazy." Samantha says, sitting next to me.
That’s how my dream began. My friends were sitting in the commons (lunch room) of my high school, gossiping about stuff. 
Then time flashes forward.
Suddenly I’m in Hawaii, with my grandparents. We’re walking along the hills.
"I think you’re going to love our new house." My grandma says to my brother and I. We keep walking , I see a log cabin. They had described their new house to be wooden. It wasn’t that log cabin though, we didn’t stop walking. The neighborhood was full of small houses, green lawns, and hills. Finally we found ourselves in the crevice of a low valley and another hill. 
"How do you like it?" Grandma says.
To be honest, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t the other log cabin. But this one was cute too. It was half wooden, and the top half was blue paneling. It had a cute porch, two stories, and it was rather square. It was sufficient though.
We decided to head down to the beach.
Wow. This beach was a great place to lay around.
Somehow, all of my friends were on the beach.
We were all in different groups, sometimes two of us, sometimes three of us. But somehow we were all on the same beach in Hawaii.
We spent hours there, and I talked with some kid. (I believe he was the little boy who talks to me on the bus.)
Suddenly Samantha comes up to Arianna, “Let’s go,” she says.
Samantha, her half japanese (unnamed) cousin (let’s call her Lavender), and Arianna all jump into a van.
Everybody else starts getting into cars. I don’t know what’s going on, but since everybody else is going, I get in a car too.

We arrive at this forresty part of town. It looks somewhat like a state park. We walk into a huge, dark brown outdoor gazebo. The floor is hard, flat, cement. Everywhere, there are cut-out circles in the cement for trees. The trees are tall, wide, they stretch up and up and up through the roof and way past that. It’s marvelous. But what we see next is even more marvelous. 
We walk all the way to the other side of the gazebo, walk out of it. My eyes lay upon a valley stretching out before me, surrounded by the autumn forest all around. Red and orange and yellow leaves pad the ground and the valley. Way far away, and down below, it’s a canyon with a river sweeping right through the clearing and into the forest. 

There’s a concrete sculpture garden that Samantha and Lavender are sitting in. I join them, and Lavender’s Japenese dad walks over to us.

"It’s pretty cool, isnt it?"
I nod.
"That creek over there is a part of the river too"
I look over. There’s a shack that’s painted to look like a red barn. A creek runs past it and around the corner. The shack is at the top of the hill, right before the ground scoops down into the valley.
"Just don’t look behind the shack."
He said.

I was confused as to why he said not to look behind the shack. But later, Samantha said to me. “There’s guts back there in the creek. Lavender’s ancestors were hunters.”

okay here’s where the story gets fuzzy

I know at one point Lavender’s dad said “Good news. CNN is going to come out to do a news report.”

UNFORTUNATELY I woke up before this happened. Now that I think about it, this would be a great plot line to find out that this generation-to-generation plot of land was actually A SPOT TO HIDE BODIES. Like holy crap.
Also, at another time I dreamed that Lavender’s dad was an artist and he was showing me drawing of the shack, surrounded by word art. It was beautiful handwriting. anyway. Dreams.

That’s it for now.